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Application Terms and Conditions




By submitting my application, I understand that the International Piano Institute of Santa Fe, Inc. (IPI) has invited me to participate in the Competition. In return for my being allowed to perform in the Competition, I agree to the following:

I give IPI the right to film, videotape, record and photograph me and my appearance in the Competition and related events. I understand that IPI may at any time distribute, sell, license, or use in any other manner the films, videotapes, recordings, and photographs for live, tape-delay, Internet, or future transmission in all media.

I give IPI the (non-exclusive) right at any time to use my name, photograph, likeness, and biography in any manner and for whatever purpose IPI deems appropriate.

I will make no claim whatsoever for any funds that may accrue to IPI, its assignees or licensees, resulting from the use of such recorded, filmed or videotaped material.

I agree that IPI will be the sole owner of all films, recordings, and photographs of my appearance in the Competition (including the rights to use them and and all programs and products made there from.)

I understand that this Consent will be legally binding upon me and those acting on my behalf, and that this Consent may be enforced by IPI, those connected with it, and those who may receive an assignment of this Consent.

Submission of the Application will constitute the applicant's signature.


For More Information:
Larry Porter, M.M., Director
International Piano Institute
Santa Fe, NM