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Piano Competition Application 

 2011 piano competition - international e-competition

World International Piano Competition 
A piano e-competition 



First Place  Award:    $5,000
Second Place Award: $1,000
Third Place Award: $500
Five Distinguished Performance Awards: $100 each


1. Submit an upload of a 45-minute recorded performance (Different repertoire than preliminary round).

2. For the top three chosen winners only:  For verification purposes, a performance video on DVD/YouTube is required that is 10 minutes in length. (Repertoire is to be different than submitted audio recording).

    Deadline December 5, 2011

III. Winners Announced:   On or before the first week of January 2012.


Any Standard Repertoire for Solo Piano Accepted.  

(i.e. works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, 20th Century, etc. See Former Competitions for examples. Single movements accepted.)

All performances must be from memory.

Repertoire may not be repeated in subsequent round.

Artists are encouraged to include a variety of styles and periods.

All Recordings and CDs must be non-edited sound files and recorded after June 1, 2009 (manipulated recordings and/or non-authentic recordings will be grounds for disqualification and legal ramifications).

Other awards to be announced. 


1.    A recent non-edited 45-minute Mp3 audio recording uploaded to the internet  

Mp3 format only.   Other formats will not be accepted and will be grounds for disqualification.

You MUST include the URL (beginning with http://) to the downloadable file in the submission form for your piano competition application to be complete.    The recording MUST be able to be downloaded by judges.  Failure to comply with this critical step will be grounds for disqualification.

There are several free options to upload and store your file for free.  We recommend either, or   Help and assistance on uploading is available at these sites.   We are unable to provide technical support.



2.  Complete the Piano Competition Form Below and Submit.  
(You will receive an automatic confirmation email in your email box).

Finalist Application Form
Questions marked by * are required.
1. First and Last Name *
2. Primary Email Address: *
3. What is the http address of your mp3 audio file entry? PLEASE DOUBLECHECK FOR ERRORS. *
4. We prefer one mp3 sound file. However, we will accept multiple sound file(s), as long as they total approx 45 minutes. Use this space to list such files here, if needed (IN PROPER ORDER):
5. List Works and Composers performed in Application Audio File (in order): *
6. What is your COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS, including street address, state, mail code, and country? *
7. What is your Primary Phone Number?
8. Alternative email address, if applicable
9. CONSENT FORM: I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the competition. *
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Terms and Conditions of the World International Piano Competition

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World International Piano Competition - An International e-competition
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